Quality controls and (MAP) modified atmosphere packaging

How we choose raw materials

Avalon selects its raw materials through as short and controlled supply chains as possible, paying attention to the living conditions of the animals for meat and fish. In particular, Avalon purchases exclusively from ethical breeders, avoiding meat and fish from intensive farming. As far as other raw materials are concerned, Avalon only buys typical products or products with a protected designation of origin (PDO), controlled designation of origin (DOC) or indication of geographical tipicality (IGT) and pays attention to the seasonality and availability of the individual products in the region.

Health safety and modified atmosphere

We assume that the cause of rotting is the proliferation of micro-organisms within food. The presence and multiplication of microbes are caused by environmental conditions throughout the production process, as micro-organisms in food are the result of being in contact with air, water, soil and other factors. Most of these microbes are not harmful, and HACCP rules aim precisely at preventing food from being contaminated with bacteria that can endanger human health.

In addition to ensuring that these rules are strictly followed by its suppliers, Avalon further acts on each foodstuff, making sure that no harmful bacteria are present and drastically reducing the presence of any micro-organisms. Moreover, this procedure is one of several steps that allow for the innovative preservation of Piatti sospesi nel tempo. Furthermore, to guarantee that sanitisation has been successfully carried out, each product is controlled by specialised laboratories that apply their validation in accordance with:

  • EC Regulation 2073/05,
  • EC Regulation 852/2004, Article 4
  •  Guidelines for the validation of food safety control measures cac/gl 69 – 2008
  • EFSA Opinion 10.2903
  • ISO 20976/1 Annex E standard
  • UNI Standard 11890
  • Limitations of the Interdepartmental Research and Documentation Centre on Food Safety
Health safety and modified atmosphere

The preservation method that makes our products unique would not be possible without the aid of sanitising technologies developed by IAQ-ASE® professionals. These technologies make it possible to create what we call The Modified Atmosphere within the Avalon laboratories. This atmosphere is a 24/7 sterile space in which the air itself becomes the sanitising agent, an indispensable condition during the preparation of Piatti sospesi nel tempo.