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Together with your team, you are committed to offering the service that customers love, in this way you give soul to our products.

The philosophy behind Piatti sospesi nel tempo
“To satisfy us, to satisfy you who provide pleasure for others”

In Avalon, we firmly believe that you need to be satisfied with what you do to satisfy the recipients of our work.

Indeed, we have spent many years of research in order to obtain Piatti sospesi nel tempo (Time-Suspended Dishes) to nourish our passion first and foremost, to feel satisfied and, why not, to boast about what we have achieved.

We are proud of our Piatti sospesi nel tempo. We deliver them to all those who want them, to enjoy the pleasure of having the right amount of time to give their soul and their own touch to a dish that awaits its finishing touches.

Isn’t it easier to inspire a positive emotion when you feel it?

An Italian thought

Our Made in Italy is enriched by a new awareness: cooking is art, the only art that involves all the senses. Just think of the crunch of breaking bread crusts or the sizzling of meat on the griddle.

Think of soft textures or crispy ones. Imagine the beauty of a dessert or a dish. And all smells and flavours: they are all part of the experience you can only have at the table.

In Italy, people gather around a table with family, share thoughts and do business. Piatti sospesi nel tempo are designed to live up to such thinking.

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Why we want you to suggest Avalon to others

Together with your team, you give our products a soul. Thanks to the experiences you offer, customers want to come back, we only support your business. And that’s why Avalon doesn’t like to ride the wave of your successes, that’s why we don’t exploit our customers’ names for advertising purposes. We are fully aware of the power behind a big name and how much it tells. We put great importance on your names, your stories, and those of all the people who are satisfied with what they have achieved with our help. Not the brand but the people with their own experiences, this is the advertising we like.
Try our Piatti sospesi nel tempo, use them and talk about them to whomever you wish.