Dishes suspended in time: our Products

In Avalon, we have tamed time.

The Italian cooking tradition is rooted in straightforward flavour and great care for raw materials. Our evolution starts from this culture.

Now for you a new perspective of exquisitely Made in Italy gastronomy.
Read and take your choice.

Time can no longer affect our dishes. This result was not easy and was not achieved suddenly. It was achieved through great dedication and years of research and made possible by the inspiration and talent of chef Enrico.

At the heart of Piatti sospesi nel tempo (time-suspended dishes) is a preservation method that allows dishes to remain as still as the exact moment before they are finished, without the help of preservatives or the need to freeze them.
Chefs then have 14 days to apply the finishing touches before serving. The colours remain vibrant and the textures and flavours unchanged.

Words must be followed by deeds.
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In Avalon, we also put our knowledge at your disposal to fulfil your customers’ most special requests. Would you like to prepare a special dish for a wedding or an event in general?
Does the policy advertised in your hotel or restaurant have special requirements?
We will support you and work with you to design the dish or menu that best suits your needs.

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No critical number exists.

What is the critical number of guests above which some dishes lose their character or limit the variety of dishes on offer? 100? 200? 1000? Whatever it is, from now on it will no longer apply.

Since the suspension of time in our dishes is applied at the moment before they are finished, we have the advantage of having a uniformly timed menu. In other words, you will have a menu where the customer’s choice will be the only main concern.

Remember that the suspension of time takes 14 days. Take your time, the organisation and timing in the kitchen are solved.

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