What will make you smile: The advantages

Without advantages there would be no satisfaction.

Management and economic advantages

By using Piatti sospesi nel tempo you can earn/save tens of thousands of euros every year. This is achievable due to the fact that:

  • You can serve up to 130 covers with only 2 people in the kitchen. You will therefore be able to manage your current customer volumes by employing fewer staff per shift.
  • You will only need the employees you already have even in the event of a greater inflow of customers, regardless of whether this is seasonal or permanent throughout the year.
  • You will no longer need most of the hours devoted to preparing the line. Consequently, if you manage your shifts carefully, you will no longer incur costs for overtime or on-call workers.
Advantages for kitchen workers

A satisfied and happy worker is more efficient and cares more about the success of his company. What Avalon wants to offer them is:

  • More sustainable working hours and thus a more fulfilling life.
  • The opportunity to give the best performance while being able to concentrate only on service.
  • The time needed to show off their artistic flair in both flavours and plating, as the timing and organisation required for the different orders is no longer an issue.
Other Advantages

The menu will reflect exactly what you want to offer and not only what you can offer for logistical reasons. Furthermore, you will not have to put any asterisks, only fresh ingredients are used to compose the dishes, nothing is or will be frozen.

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