Methods of Preparation

Some of our products can be enjoyed fresh or warm. They are all precooked foods, just heat them up. You can use either a microwave or a traditional oven.

Microwave oven

Pierce the film of the containment tray with a knife or fork and heat, depending on the food and weight, for a period of between 30 seconds and 1 and a half minutes.
If you use professional microwaves, reduce the times.
It is possible to insert several portions at the same time, reversing the position halfway through cooking.

Classic oven

Remove the film from the container and place the products in the oven.
An advantage of the CPET technology is to be able to store the tray in a home oven up to 200 °, thus obtaining a gratin where desired.
Depending on the food, you can leave the product for a period of time between 5 and 15 minutes

Practical examples

Crespelle: Oven at 150 degrees for 5/7 minutes
Lasagne: Oven at 200 degrees for 8/10 minutes

Here is some information regarding the products you have purchased.

Only fresh products, we do not use chemical preservatives in our dishes. The shelf life is 14 days from packaging.
All our dishes are packaged in single portions in thermo-sealed and completely airtight trays. The always fresh products inside preserve flavors, aromas and aromas thanks to the packaging in "Modified Atmosphere".
However, they are all precooked foods so it is sufficient to heat them ...
You can freeze them for future consumption.

A label is applied to each product indicating the packaging and expiry date. Allergens are also reported.
Before consuming food, check this important information.

Always check that the package is intact. Even if we check every single tray and ship only with expert and selected couriers, we care about our customers. For any anomaly, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.